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2017 Link building strategies

A good website is not enough to generate revenues now-a-days. You also need excellent 2017 Link building strategies exposure for your website.

The question is, how can one ensure that their websites are visited, which in computer terminology we call as ‘hits’. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes to play a major role.

SEO is the wizard that makes your website pop up in any search engine, like Google, Bing etc. In that regard we have to bear in mind that the relevant and correct keyword is entered in that search engine. This is where Link Building comes. Link Building in SEO is the process of creating and earning links that would feature on other websites but also would be redirection hyperlink for your sites.


2017 Link Building strategies

2017 Link building strategies

The links on other sites would redirect the browser to your site. Now there are plenty of 2017 Link building strategies that one can opt for.

But with the recent updates of Google, which are known as Panda and Penguin, have been detrimental for abnormal and unnatural links. Any sneaky and inappropriate backlinks, any aggressive link exchanges, spam links and all other kind of unnatural links are thrown away by these new algorithms of Google.

So here are some effective and good 2017 Link Building strategies one needs to keep in mind in the wake of these algorithmic updates of Google.


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1.Variation in Links:

Naked URLs are the URL, or the address of the link, instead of the keyword that act as the redirect point. It is important to have some sort of variations in these URLs. The variations in this sort of links help in the increment of quality in your backlinks. This enhances the probability of getting more hits on your link building sites.

Bottom line:
Have plenty of variation in the URL of yours.


2.No Follow Links:

People often frown upon when they get a link which has the ‘No Follow’ tag in them. There is actually nothing to be worried about that.

Yes, the no-follow tag ensures that there are no pass-through links that you can generate. But, they are also great natural back-links in themselves.

Having a number of these links enhances your score. A good percentage of these make the profiling quite easy and healthy.

Bottom line:
No-Follow tags are good.


3.Link Exchange Schemes are Invalid:

It is a fine and old-school way. It is among one of the good Link Building tools you can use in old days. But Google has recently killed these exchange links through their updates. Remove any link exchange you might have on your site.

Bottom line:
Exchange links are no good anymore.


4.The Relation between Quantity and Pace:

Gone are the days where you can create hundreds and hundreds of backlinks. If you continue to build backlinks in very little time, then you are bound to raise some eyebrows, figuratively speaking.

These days, a major portion of 2017 Link building strategies would implore people to maintain a nice rhythm in the pace of building backlinks. You don’t want more than your sites can handle.

Bottom line:

Keep a good rhythm in pace and quantity.

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